The history of Instrument Design Bureau begins on October 1 1927, since the time of emerging of the first design organization for small arms development- project and design bureau (PKB) under Tula arms factory.

Pavel Petrovich Tretiakov


The first head of the project design bureau of small arms under first USSR arms factories in Tula (1927-1929).

A talented perfectly-educated military engineer with significant manufacturing experience and brilliant organizing capabilities, Pavel Tretiakov was appointed the first head of the bureau.

Experience, knowledge and skill of Tula’s arms manufacturers, implementation of engineering methods when designing new weaponry specimens made up the basis of the success of the project design bureau (since 1936 TsKB-14). The first significant success of the bureau was adaptation in the Red Army a TT (Tula, Tokarev) pistol in February 1931. This pistol remained in service with the army for 20 years.

Airborne machineguns SHKAS, SHWAK, UB, airborne cannons VYA and B-20, the specimen, which exceeded any of those existing in the world at that time. These arms famed the talented staff during the ferocious years of the Great Patriotic War.

Igor Fiedorovich Dmitriev


Head of TSKB-14 (1946-1958), Lenin prize-winner, State prize-winner of USSR.

Restoration of the enterprises activities in the post-war period was carried out by engineer and organizer Igor Fedorovich Dmitriev

Under Mr. Dmitriev’s guidance the work on development of small-arms/gun armaments continued. 9-mm PM pistol (Makarov), 9-mm АPS automatic pistol (Stechkin pistol), 23-mm АМ-23 airborne gun, 23-mm 2А7 gun for “Shilka” self-propelled AD system, 23-mm ZU-23 anti-aircraft mount with 2A14 AD gun.

Arkady Georgievich Shipunov


During the period 1962 to 2006 chief designer and head of the unitary state-owned enterprise "Instrument Design Bureau", Hero of socialistic labor, winner of Lenin and State prizes, member of Russian Academy of Sciences, member of Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery sciences, member of International Engineering Academy, member of Russian Engineering Academy, doctor of technical sciences, professor.

In early 1960s the main direction of the enterprise’s work was development of high-precision armament systems. At the same time small arms branch was transferred to TSKIB Central design and research bureau, founded in 1946. In March 1962 TSKB-14 was headed by an outstanding Russian designer and scientist Arkady Georgievich Shipunov. Headed by him, KBP (name, obtained in 1966) started work on development of guided missile armament, including high precision weaponry. The implementation of scientific decisions, suggested by A.G. Shipunov provided for development of armaments and military equipment, which have no foreign counterparts and exceeding existing foreign samples in all technical specifications and level of performance. The best examples of of such systems are Kornet-E ATGM, Krasnopol-M2 guided artillery armament system, Tungusska Missile and gun AD system, Pantsir S1 Missile and gun AD system, Kashtan AD missile and gun system.

Vasily Petrovich Griazev


During the period1966 to 2008 was Deputy General Designer and Deputy Head of KBP.

Hero of Socialistic Labor, prize-winner of State prizes, member of Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery sciences member of Russian Engineering Academy, Doctor of technical sciences, professor.

Development of small arms and gun armament was renewed at KBP since 1968, and by now the enterprise is still a world leader in this field. The development of this branch was significantly influenced by deputy head designer Vasily Petrovich Griazev.

Uniting of TSKIB-SOO and KBP in 1996 work in the sphere of small arms and gun armament gave the enterprise an additional creative urge.

Ордена КБП

For the work development of military equipment KBP was awarded the Order of Lenin (1944), Order of Red Labor Banner (1979) and Order of October Revolution(1985). The employees of the enterprise became Lenin Prize winners for 8 times, and 78 times of USSR and Russia State Prize.

History of the name of the Enterprise

  • 1927 — Project and design bureau of small arms
  • 1935 — Central design bureau of small arms
  • 1936 — Central design bureau No 14 (TsKB-14)
  • 1966 — Instrument Design Bureau
  • 1987 — Research and manufacturing association "Tochnost" of Instrument Design Bureau
  • 1997 — Unitary state-owned enterprise "Istrument Design Bureau"
  • 2011 — "Instrument Design Bureau "JSC

JSC "KBP" Foreign Economic Activity

The KBP-developed weapons are supplied on a large scale to various countries of the world.

Test equipment and training facilities are developed for each weapon system. They constitute an integral part of the armament, and are exported along with weapon systems.

KBP Instrument Design Bureau is a powerful scientific and industrial center creating the high precision weapon systems of close tactical zone as well as up-to-date small arms, gun and grenade launching weapons.

KBP designs and manufactures the most state-of-the-art weapon systems capable to compete successfully with the best foreign weapons. A whole series of items possesses unique tactical and strategic characteristics.

Assembling bay
TsKIB SOO KBP Subsidiary
Adjustment of equipment
Alignment of optical units
In the Design-Engineering Division
At the International Exhibition

Considering the warfare experience of the recent decades KBP has chosen designing and manufacturing of the high precision weapons as a priority field due to capability of this equipment to accomplish combat tasks which can not be effectively fulfilled with conventional weapons or impossible to fulfill. Application of high precision weapons allows to avoid casualties, destruction of infrastructure and tangible property, ecological disturbance that are inevitable when powerful unguided weapons are employed, for instance, cluster and high-explosive fragmentation projectiles, aerial bombs and MLRS ammunition.

The distinctive feature of KBP is development of wide variety of high precision weapons of the «surface-to-surface», «surface-to-air» and «air-to-surface» tactical zones. The company designs such weapons for all arms of service. The technological advances in development of air defense missile-gun systems, antitank missile systems, armored vehicles armament systems and guided artillery systems have become the most well known.

At the same time, the KBP affiliate – TsKIB SOO, designs up-dated small arms and guns as well as grenade launching weapons. A system of special-purpose weapons was designed to equip law enforcement agencies, including automatic, hand-held and weapon-mounted grenade launchers, sniper rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols and revolvers.

A number of up-to-date military equipment items are taken into service of Russian army, Ministry of Internal Affairs, other security departments, as well as exported worldwide. In the context of economical instability of the last century, KBP managed to preserve its concepts, save and multiply its science and technology experience required to carry out new studies, to master plenty of advanced competitive approaches corresponding to the world standards. All above combined makes it possible for KBP to be among the leaders of the industry, to contribute in development of Russian economy owing to sales of military equipment at external market.
The main condition of the company development, as it is considered by the company management staff, is fulfillment of research and development works in designing of future items and modification of current ones, investing in R&D own significant funds. The number of employees in design departments is about 2,5 thousand people.

KBP, being the prime designer of complex weapons, coordinates work of a large number of factories and organizations including RF Academy of Sciences institutes, building ideology and outlooks for development of many weapons on the state scale.

KBP has advanced manufacturing capabilities enabling creation of pre-production items and commercial weapons. Machining and technological facilities provide manufacturing of mechanical and electronic assemblies, system of different complexity, carry out final assemblage of weapon types.

The company is a remarkable international weapon market participant and proved to be a reliable partner. KBP’s equipment is highly appreciated at specialized weapon exhibitions and foreign customers are interested in its procurement. Items designed by KBP are spread in more than 70 countries. At present, the stock of orders amounts several billion dollars.

KBP is proud of its employees – talented designers and workers. More than 1000 people are decorated with state awards and honorary titles. There are 15 Doctors of sciences, 70 Doctors of philosophy, 1 academician of Russian Academy of missile and artillery sciences, 65% of employees graduated from higher educational and vocational institutions. There are several thousands of workers and engineers in the company with majority coming from gunmaker families whose fathers and grandfathers forged glory of Tula and Russian weaponry in the second half of the XX century, and today their descendants continue these glorious traditions.

A huge array of military hardware is manufactured under licenses in many countries worldwide. Each new piece of armament, which leaves out factory, bears the creative spirit, traditions of scientific and technical concepts, and innovative ideas of many thousands of the KBP team members.

In the performance of edict №1052 of July 10 2008 of President of Russian Federation in cooperation with Russian Ministry of Defence, Russian Ministry of Trade, other federal bodies of the executive power, involved, the decision was taken to create a holding company in the sphere of high-precision weaponry, its spares and components. Instrument Design Bureau was incorporated into the new structure, "High precision weapons".

The holding company is the monopolist in its sphere. It incorporates 9 strategic enterprises. The holding cover the whole cycle of creation of armrments, military and special equipment, when it concerns units, systems and assemblies, defining the looks and technical specifications of ATGW, AD systems, armoured vehicles and tanks, guided weaponry and small arms. In these spheres the enterprises of the holding provide for the development and delivery of ready items to the Russian Army and law enforcement agencies, as well, as within the framework of military and technical cooperation.

State-owned corporation "Rosteh"

JSC "High precision weapons"

7, Kievskaya Str., entr. 7, Moscow, 121059, RUSSIA

Phone: +7 (495) 981-92-77, FAX: +7 (495) 981-92-78


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