«ARMY – 2019»

KBP JSC under the umbrella of High Precision Weapons holding company took part in ARMY- 2019 International Military Technology Forum which was held in the Moscow Region in June this year. Ten enterprises of High Precision Weapons holding company demonstrated their developments in the field of weapons and military equipments as well as civil-purpose production.

KBP named after Academician A. Shipunov JSC displayed their exhibits on the open site of Patriot-Expo Exhibition Centre, in the pavilion of ROSTEC state corporation demonstration centre in the frame of nonstop exhibition, in a closed exhibition space of defence establishment cluster with restricted access, at the Alabino Firing Ground in the frame of the demonstration programme, and at the new shooting range common to all arms.

The 5-th ARMY-2019 International Military Technology Forum held by the Russian Ministry of Defence starting from 2015 have become a good tradition to demonstrate a wide range of innovations and really great achievements of defence industry. And this time as many as 110 countries sent their military delegations to ARMY 2019.

“ARMY” today is one of the leading world-level multifunctional exhibitions which appears to be not only a show of military equipments including state-of-the-art and advanced developments but which also invites to various scientific and business events such as conferences, round-table discussions, contracts conclusion, and live demonstrations at the Alabino Firing Ground and Kubinka Airfield.

In his welcoming speech addressed to the participants Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that this Forum brings together leading Russian and foreign experts, enjoys to be a popular platform for cooperation talks in respect of military and technology spheres, contributes to strengthening partnership between defence organizations of various nations.

President Vladimir Putin visited Forum on June 27. In the closed exhibition space of defence establishment the President was introduced into advanced samples of weapons and military equipments designed for the Russian Armed Forces including KBP developments. On the same day in the presence of President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Chairman of the Government Yuri Borisov, and Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu the state contracts presentation ceremony took place, the contracts having been signed between Russian MoD and industry. The Tula Region Governor Alexey Dyumin took part in this ceremony as a distinguished guest who also visited KBP’s expositions.

The ARMY International Forum is an event of great significance: here at the Alabino Firing Ground one can experience combat capabilities and technical peculiarities of fighting vehicles, engineering equipment, automotive technology. Two KBP teams took part in demonstration events and were a success showing group interaction on the move between the Berezhok fighting unit on the БМП-1М chassis and the Berezhlivyi fighting unit on the К-17 chassis with a task of target engagement at different firing ranges. All target arranged by exhibition personnel were successfully engaged. To be used in display demonstration, the Russian Ministry of Defence provided serial-production samples which had been delivered in service by KBP JSC, i.e. the Pantsir-S1 air defence missile and gun system, Bakhcha fighting unit, Kornet-EM ATGW, Tunguska-M air defence gun and missile system.

During the first forum day, June 25, KBP’s stand arranged together with the exposition of High Precision Weapons holding company was visited by the Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu. The Deputy Director General of High Precision Weapons holding company& Managing Director of KBP JSC Dmitri Konoplev introduced the distinguished guest into KBP’s advanced projects and production facilities status within this projects. In particular, in the outside site one could see the Kornet-EM multifunctional antitank missile system installed on the KamAZ Taifun wheeled chassis.

The Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu was also shown KBP’s state-of the-art developments exhibited at the closed exhibition space of the defence establishment cluster, and was acquainted with KBP and other holding company’s exhibits in general displayed at the Rostech demonstration centre, between them: Pantsir-S1 ADMGS, Pantsir-ME ship-borne ADMGS, Kornet-E ATGW, Krasnopol-M2, Kitolov-M2, Gran artillery guided weapons and others in the form of mockups, models, full-scale samples and electronic presentation.

The second forum day brought large attendance and a lot of negotiations held by KBP management and members of delegation. On this day the new Shooting Centre was presented which was constructed on the base of Patriot Park Firing Ground. The same day press-tour was arranged for mass media people. About 40 journalists participated in this event. In the course of presentation the guests could see small arms and grenade launchers displayed as stationary exposition and enjoy firing demonstration of the weapon samples designed by TsKIB SOO (KBP JSC affiliated company) and TOZ PJSC. The journalists and other guests were shown the weapons being in serial production already and delivered in service with the army - GSH-18 pistol, PP-2000 submachine gun, ГМ-94 grenade launcher, РМБ-93 smooth-barrel shotgun, AGS-30 grenade launcher, OSV-96 sniper, Shak-12 assault rifle, ADS amphibious assault rifle. Representatives of Russian MoD and law enforcement/security agencies were shown weapons prototypes with different development status.

ARMY 2019 anniversary exhibition is notable also for the unique Shooting Centre newly opened within the frame of the Forum which makes it possible to fire weapons to their maximum range of up to 2000 meters. Here one can test all and any small arms and grenade launchers under different weather conditions, by day and night. 15 Galleries will work regularly. The military highly appreciated capabilities of the Shooting Centre. This test site is built by “NPO “High Precision Weapons” JSC, KBP JSC, TOZ PJSC with the participation of Russian MoD. This new Shooting Centre can be use as for training so as for competitions and practice firing.

The outside site of Russian MoD displayed innovative and advanced samples of weapons and military equipments which were unveiled by this Forum including those designed by KBP JSC.

At the Russian Aerospace Force Museum one could see the mobile simulator designed by TsKBA JSC to be used for training air defence crews, TsKBA JSC being a long term and fruitful partner of KBP JSC.

KBP’s expositions were very popular. More than 20 delegations visited KBP’s expositions during the first two days. During the forum period there were held negotiations of mutual cooperation with members of the companies’ delegations and military representatives of the countries who visited the ARMY exhibition as well as meetings with permanent partners.

Within the ARMY frame a Cooperation Agreement was signed between High Precision Weapons holding company and the RUSSIA Bank. The subject of this Cooperation Agreement became banking services, financing and investment projects development. In the frame of partnership this bank will provide consulting services, investment projects expertise, as well as will devise financial technologies and bank products.

High level of developments, activity and saturation of displays, unique shooting range and its practice utility for the Russian army, participation in demonstrations in Alabino – all these were highly appreciated by exhibition officials: High Precision Weapons holding company and all companies-participants were rewarded with the main prize of ARMY- 2019 International Military Technology Forum. The companies under the umbrella of “NPO “High Precision Weapons” can really boast one of the most large and visited expositions. Culmination - a Grand Prize and Diploma for contribution to Armed Forces development, strengthening national defence capability, arrangement of and participation in the Forum – happened on June 30. It is high appreciation of scientific and technology achievements of the companies-participants including KBP JSC.

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