Is meant for reconnaissance and control of anti-tank units armed with Kornet-E , Metis-M1, Konkurs-M when preparing for combat and during combat actions at any time of the day, in complicated weather conditions.
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  • Basic specifications

Tank-type target
detection range by day ............

6000 m
Radio communication
range ..........................................

up to 1500 m
Deployment time ..................... less than 5 min.
Time of preparation
of TD and transmitting
it to the ATGW crews ...............

less than 20 s
  • System composition

  • Reconnaissance means:
    • radar
      • Radar

      • Detection and finding of coordinates of moving land targets (tank, ICV and others) and automated coordinates transmitting to the launcher commander’s computer.
        Basic specifications:
      • tank-type target detection range — up to 6000 m;
      • system weight — 18 kilos.
    • laser designator/rangefinder
      • Laser designator/rangefinder

    • binoculars(day and night)
  • Means of automated control:
    • commander’s computer
      • Commander’s computer

      • automation of unit control.
        Basic specifications:
      • built-in satellite navigation system receiver GLONASS/GPS;
      • weight wit battery no more, than 7 kilos.
    • special software
  • Radio communication means:
    • VHF radio-set
      • VHF radio-set

      • digital radio communication data exchange between unit commander and ATGW crews.
        Basic specifications:
      • range of communication on mildly-irregular terrain – no less, than 1,5 kilometers;
      • weight – no less than 0,4 kilos.
  • Means of positioning and orientation:
    • GLONAS/GPRS receiver, built into the commander’s computer
    • ATGW orientation device
      • ATGW orientation device

      When orientating of the launchers with the help of the orientation device the directional angle of the ATGW is indicated on the display unit of the orientation device.

        • orientation of the Kornet-E , Metis-M1, Konkurs-M launchersin azimuth and elevation.

      Weight — 2,2 kilos.

  • Advantages and peculiarities of use

  • It ensures significant effectiveness increase (more than 1.5 times) for antitank units equipped with antitank guided weapons.
  • Reconnaissance and battle scenario display on the electronic map.
  • Round the clock target detection with the help of radar and laser target designator/rangefinder.
  • Automated orientation of the launchers on terrain.
  • Maintaining radio communication between the Antitank Unit Commander and ATGW crews on the firing position.
  • Arrangement of the antitank unit moving out to the deployment line and maneuvering.
  • Effective target allocation between the ATGW crews and target designation during anti-tank unit firing operation with laying each launcher on its target.
  • Automated control of the unit when preparing for combat actions and during the combat actions themselves.
  • Monitoring of the Commander how the ATGW crews follow the control commands Контроль командиром подразделения выполнения команд управления расчетами ПТРК.
  • Automatic positioning through GPS/GLONAS equipmant.