Lightly armoured vehicles in modern conflicts are versatile weapon, capable of engaging all types of targets, typical of land warfare. In the sphere of armament systems of armoured vehicles KBP has many years of experience in designing weaponry systems: BMP-1 (73-mm cannon), BMP-2 (30-mm 2A42 automatic cannon), BMP-3 (armament system, including automated FCS, 2A72 30-mm automatic cannon, 2A70 100-mm cannon-launcher and guided weaponry) and the whole of BMD-4, which allows the enterprise to hold leading positions in the world market.

The armament systems, suggested by KBP today for equipping armoured vehicles and tanks are based on the weaponry samples, designed by the enterprise: 2А42 and 2А72 30-mm guns, 2А70 100-mm gun-launcher, АG-30М 30-мм grenade launcher, KORNET-E ATGW and 100-mm 3UOF19 «Vishnia» round with high-power HEF WH, 100-mm 3UBK23-3 round with 9М117М1-3 «Arkan» guided missile, GPD-30 30-mm high power and enhanced range grenade, as well as an all-around high-precision FCS. Automated fire control system provides for accurate firing from rest, on the move, afloat, by day and night by all types of rounds, including those, newly designed.

Combat module «Bakhcha-U» weighs 3,6 t; it’s meant for installation on BMP-3, BMD-3, BMD-4, BMP-2, ICVs and airborne assault vehicles, «Rostok» APC with weight up to 20 t and equipped with coordinate defining system (GPS/GLONASS), the latter providing for firing 100-mm gun-launcher from enclosed positions.

Enhanced-power guided missile with tandem warhead and range of up to 5,5 km can effectively engage armoured and soft-skinned land targets and low-flying aerial targets.

100-mm HEF high-power projectiles with high-precision ballistics engage anti-tank infantry, material, structures by direct laying firing and firing from enclosed positions at ranges of up to 7,0 km. 30-mm projectiles of 2А72 automatic gun of «Bakhcha-U» combat module effectively engage lightly-armoured and soft-skinned materiel at ranges of up to 2000m, aerial targets at slant range of up to 4000m.

B05Ya01 combat module weighs 2,8-3,3 t and is meant for equipping BMP ICVs, APSs manufactured in Russia and abroad and incorporates the following: modern Kornet-E ATGW, 2A42 30-mm automatic gun and AG-30M 30-mm grenade launcher, 7,62-mm PKT machine-gun. The combination of flat trajectory of the gun projectiles and lofted trajectory of grenades provides for effective engagement of lightly-armoured and soft-skinned material, anti-tank infantry. The automatic gun provides for the engagement at the range of up to 4000 m. Heavily-armoured targets are engaged by the first launch of Kornet-E ATGW at ranges of up to 8000 m, and by grenade launcher at the range of up to 2100 m. Engagement of modern and future tanks, equipped with active protection systems, is provided by salvo launch of two missiles within one beam.

Today many countries of the world still have in service tens of thousands of tanks, which do not correspond to the modern demands to the level of firepower and protection. Most common of them are Т-54, Т-55, Т-62, Т-72. With their high level of reliability and maintainability of chassis, their armaments and fire control systems do not meet modern demands.

Armour penetration and high-explosive effects of the existing projectiles for 100, 115, 125 mm tank guns are insufficient for engagement of modern and future targets. Further increasing of armour protection is impossible due to permissible limits of weight and size. FCS doesn’t allow to operate at night and to effectively fire on the move at required ranges.

Gun armaments of tank have reached their limit in power of the projectiles, range and accuracy of firing. Equipping tanks with guided weaponry removes these limits without increasing the energy of the gun, and, thus, its size and weight. Such weaponry allows to dictate own tactics to enemy tanks armed with standard armaments, and, actually, to win a battle before entering the zone of enemy’s effective fire by standard rounds. Guided weaponry became the basis of their firepower.

KBP can give a second life to those tanks, equipping them with Redut guided weaponry system, all-around automated fire control system, integrated with guided weaponry and active protection systems.