Designed to engage single and group targets – stationary and moving, hard and soft – as well as engineering constructions by 120 mortars.
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  • Main Specifications

Firing range.................... 1.5-9.0 km
(dependent on
mortar type )
Hit probability
fixed target .................... 0.80
moving against ............ 0.75
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  • Advantages and Performance Peculiarities

The GRAN system is capable of day and night operations and successfully engages stationary and moving targets by a first shot without fire adjustment. Targets spaced by 300 m can be destroyed not only using the same firing angle but also without any change to the fire settings programmed into the projectile.

Simultaneous firing without mortar-to-mortar interference, reduced meteo and ballistic pre-fire procedure, capability to fight moving targets in the narrow passways and behind high hills including targets located on the back slopes, high firing accuracy at night – all these attractive features significantly increase mortar performance in general, and on hard terrain in particular to provide successful operation where it is impossible to arrange it with the conventional artillery.

GRAN mobility is provided by the specially designed Malakhit automated artillery fire control system which ensures target detection and illumination (for night operation as well), FP and COP localization and orientation in hard terrain conditions as well as automated fire settings calculation and input.

Effectiveness estimation results show that GRAN is capable to provide high mission performance using much reduced hardware and ammunition expenditure under the battlefield conditions where and when conventional mortars and artillery guns appear to be practically useless.