A KBP affiliated branch — the Sporting and Hunting Arms Central Research and Development Bureau is Russia’s only company designing and manufacturing high-class hunting arms.  The double-barrel shotguns of classis style with horizontal and vertical barrel configuration, self-loading and bolt-action carbines of such level are made by few world-renowned companies.

The Customer can order embellishment to his liking. In the hands of unique masters who maintain and further develop the traditions of outstanding Tula gunsmiths of the past shotguns or carbine become works of art – many MTs-brand arms are precious pieces in connoisseur’s collections all over the world.

Besides hunting arms the company continues to manufacture sporting arms. Starting from the early 50-ies our sportsmen have won 136 gold, 112 silver and 83 bronze medals at the Olympic Games, World and Europe Cups.

The company has also developed a range of civil arms for self-defence.