Modern warfare is characterized by a necessity to engage a wide variety of targets. The most common targets for the land and air forces are: armoured vehicles (tanks), lightly armoured vehicles (IFV, APC and assault landing vehicles), artillery (including rocket artillery), AD systems and tactical missiles launching sites, fortifications (pillboxes, earth-and-timber strongpoints, bunkers), infrastructure elements (bridges, depots, airports), aerial targets (helicopters and airplanes), surface targets (ships and boats). Besides that, the typical target list for the Navy also includes the coast defense elements.

Moreover, all the listed targets possess specific features, e.g. armor protection, size, maneuverability. The engagement of such targets require application of special munitions, which in its turn leads to a necessity of using multiple weapon types on the carrier. As a result, a considerable portion of the ammunition load might become a dead weight in course of combat operation.

Thus, the development of high-precision weapon systems capable of defeating a wide variety of targets with versatile munitions is becoming more and more relevant.

JSC "KBP" develops airborne (Hermes-A), land based (Hermes) and naval (Hermes-K) multi-service systems meeting the above mentioned requirements. Each of these systems incorporate the following principles:

  • increased firing range due to employment of two-stage bi-caliber guided missile with high-power booster;
  • versatility of application against various types of targets due to employment of guided missile with powerful HEF warhead;
  • high combat potential due considerable ammunition load on the carrier;
  • high target handling capacity due to supersonic speed of the missile and salvo firing capability;
  • automated guidance process due to employment of “fire-and-forget” principle;
  • modular design, allowing for allocation of the system on various types of carriers.

The implementation of the said principles makes "Hermes" family the most advanced high precision weapon systems both in Russia and in the world.