Small arms and grenade launchers are the most mass weapons used by the army personnel and other law enforcement units.

Small arms and grenade launchers have appeared of increased importance in the last decades when the leading world power gave up the concept of global nuclear conflict. These weapons are the main antiterrorist and police force.

The requirement to improve main capabilities like firing range and accuracy , hit-to-kill efficiency on the one hand and a wide variety of combat missions as well as significant difference in needs of different defence and law enforcement agencies on the other hand demand development of new versions and moreover creation of pretty-new small arms and grenade launchers.

KBP company have developed a wide range of small arms and grenade launchers including various models of personal weapons; individual automatic and sniper rifles; combat shotguns; hand-held, underbarrel and automatic grenade launchers. KBP-made samples are superior or at least comparable in performance and service with their overseas equivalents. Moreover some of the models are unrivalled all over the world.