GSh-18 is a personal weapon of a new generation. It features the latest innovations in design and production of weaponry of such class.
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  • Specifications

Cartridge ......................

9x19 mm with
armor-piercing bullet,
designation 7N31;
9x19 mm Parabellum

capacity .........................

18 rds.
Weight with
the magazine
w/o ammo ....................

0.59 kg
Dimensions ................. 184х34х136 mm
  • Maximum fire availability

Is provided by possible carrying of the pistol with a cartridge in the chamber and automatic safety. The pistol is constantly ready for immediate firing and absolutely safe in handling. The trigger and striker are deactivated by automatic safeties, and the mainspring is cocked directly before firing at squeezing the trigger.

    • Extremely light weight and high ammunition capacity

Provide easy constant carrying. The 18-round magazine is of advantage to the shooter in combat conditions, in rapid fire and manoeuvring close combat.

  • High lethality

        The GSh-18 can fire both 9x19mm Parabellum and 7N31 armor-piercing cartridges
  • 9x19 mm round with armor-piercing bullet, designation 7N31

Penetrated 8mm steel plate at the distance of 10m Penetrated 6mm titanium alloy armor plate at the distance of 10m
intended for destruction of armoured targets. The 7N31 cartridge bullet penetrates an 8mm steel plate at 10m, thus enabling to defeat an enemy protected by body armour with hard plates.
  • Design features

  • Upward-backward ejection of a fired case does not hinder the crew operating in combat conditions and provides ease of ambidextrous firing
  • Striker-type firing mechanism provides deep fit of the pistol in hand, and low location of bore line, low recoil reduce climb of the weapon when firing
  • Use of rustproof plastic frame resulted in pistol weight reduction